C A L L E D  T O  C R E A T<br>

From an early age, Jennifer was creating and designing. Some of her first memories that led to her becoming an artist began with transforming a piece of furniture that her father built for her when she was born. He had designed and created the entire dresser from start to finish, and then her mother put the final touches on it with decorative paint. It was this piece of furniture that later sparked her first desire to create what she had envisioned its transformation to be.
As a child she can remember photographing nature, color and was drawn to the miracles of how light transformed space. In college when she was gifted her very own 35mm camera, she would spend hours both capturing light in the woods and nature, and in the darkroom processing and printing her own photographs. Here in college she began to study art, some design, and photography.
After inheriting her father’s and grandfather’s vintage cameras another spark stirred her desire to paint with light using a camera.
Before digital was ever born, she was given divine inspiration to create photographs using scripture. She literally dreamed of seeing scripture in some of her pictures. At the time, she could not imagine how an artist could incorporate words into a picture. Until digital was born…
Then in 2008 she purchased her first DSLR and began to learn about design using Photoshop. Although most of her artwork began with scenes from her beloved hometown of Chattanooga, TN her photography journey has taken her to rural South Carolina today. The slower pace of rural country farm life is what inspires her work today of rustic barns, cattle and fields full of light.
Today she gives credit and thanksgiving to her parents for their seemingly small decisions of giving her creative freedom in transforming that early piece of furniture, as well, her Heavenly Father for His outpouring of constant goodness. He is a good, good Father! Jennifer believes that apart from Him, there is little to no creativity, no inspiration and no miracles of light.


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